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Marcus Wenzel

also known as znepb

Programmer·Musician·SysAdmin·Coaster Nerd
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About Me

Hi! I'm Marcus, known most commonly as znepb on the internet. I'm a 16-year-old percussionist, programmer and roller coaster enthusiast.

I started programming when I was 7. I started off with programming in Lua, using a Minecraft programming mod called ComputerCraft. From there, I branched out to many languages, most notably JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java. My strong suit is front-end and back-end development, although I have tried some game development and other general application development, but not with much success. I have also tried developing some Minecraft mods, first a food mod, then a road / construction mod, and most recently a general server management mod. If you'd like to see some of my projects related to programming, you can see those here, and if you'd like to see my personal ranking on my programming skills, along with other skills, you can view those here.

I also love playing and writing music. I've competed in my school's marching band and indoor percussion ensemble on vibraphone. I started playing music in 6th grade (on the trombone), but I switched to percussion in 9th grade, because I didn't really like playing trombone that much. I have dabbled in writing my own music a few times, but not with much success, though I hope to write some cool tunes soon.

Finally, I am a huge roller coaster nerd. As of March 6th, 2023, I have ridden 52 roller coasters, a total of 355 times. I've been to 5 amusement parks, and my home park is Kings Island. My favorite roller coaster is Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point. If you'd like to see all the coasters I've ridden and their rankings, (and plenty of other statistics), check out my Google Spreadsheet.

Notable Projects

Below are some of my favorite projects I've worked on, either because they taught me a lot, or I just plain enjoyed them.
Project Picture


2020 - now

It's totally LIT, son! LIT is a chatting and social media I've been working on periodically with AutiOne.

Project Picture

Blueberry Music

2022 - now

A web-based decentralized music app I've worked on with AutiOne.

Project Picture v7

2023 - now

The current active version of, featuring a new design, a blog, and many other new features.

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C418 - 2015
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd - 1972
Spirit Phone
Lemon Demon - 2016


Scrap Mechanic
Cities: Skylines
Planet Coaster


Better Call Saul
2015 - 2022
Breaking Bad
2009 - 2012
Squid Game

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