znepb.me Privacy Policy

Last updated and effective February 19th, 2023

znepb.me, the site itself, only collects minimal information about your device and location. The information we collect and save long-term is not tied to you.

Information Collected

This information is collected and stored for 30 days:

  • IP
  • User Agent
  • Site Requested
  • HTTP Version

This information is collected, and stored long-term:

  • Country
  • Operating system
  • Device type (mobile, smart TV, desktop)
  • The page you visit
  • Browser and version

How your information is used

We collect this information to improve our services and to store statistics on who is visiting znepb.me and related services, as well as keep the sites and services related to znepb.me secure and operating correctly.

How your information is shared

None of the information that is stored is sold to anyone, nor is it public information. The information is purely collected to see who is visiting znepb.me.


You can contact us via the contact section on the home page.